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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services Pittsburgh

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There was a time when popcorn ceiling was very popular among property owners. Its primary purpose was to help tone down the echoes and absorb the sounds. However, with the emergence of newer products, this type of ceiling did not last long. Because of that, property owners who previously availed of it are eventually looking for popcorn ceiling removal services. If you are one of those property owners who need such service, you can seek the help of local painting companies with their Pittsburgh painters.

We can assure you that you can easily find a painting company in Pittsburgh that can provide you with popcorn ceiling removal services. As this product was the popular thing back in the day, most of the painting jobs before would require the removal of these popcorn ceilings.

Taking off this type of ceiling might require a considerable amount of work. Add to that is the risk that comes with the process, especially those made in 70s that contain asbestos. If you seek convenience and safety, then do not think twice about hiring these painting companies in Pittsburgh. Their experience in delivering Pittsburgh painting services will surely manifest in the quality of work they deliver.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

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Considering that the popcorn ceiling removal takes up time and effort, we made sure to develop a standard procedure. Through this, our team of professional painters remain to be efficient and effective in this specific task.

Basically, our team begins the process by removing all the furniture and fixtures in the room. In addition to that, we also make sure to remove the light switches. If there are fixed fixtures, we make sure to cover them properly. We also take the same necessary precautions for the neighboring rooms. Once ready, we can now remove the popcorn ceiling through wetting it first. As this process tends to be quite messy, we make sure to immediately bag the removed ceiling parts to minimize the dirt. In case there are gaps left, we also make sure to patch them up. Finally, we add a primer on the coating for a nice finish.

If you are seeking for such quality service, you can call us, The Pittsburgh Painting Solutions at 412-668-1875.  We have been in service as a painting company in Pittsburgh ever since 2008. Rest assured that through our house painters and professional painters, we can deliver you the best services for your property.

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